What you can expect


In these one and a half (1.5) hour sessions, you will work with me to find ways to create meaningful self-care practices. By focusing on securing time for one’s self, exploring different methods of journaling, discussing intentions and engaging in meaningful conversation that will incite finding the right tools to be successful in self-care.

At the very beginning of your journey, we will discuss and setup goals + intentions for what will be tackled.


Each client will be given a personalized lesson plan at the beginning of their journey with me. Each lesson plan is personalized and includes customized journal questions + affirmations. This will help lead the conversations to be had over the course of your sessions together.

After each session, clients are given homework to be discussed and unpacked at their next session.

Personalized emails at the end of each week will be sent.


What you will get

  • one-on-one time to dig deep and do the uncomfortable but meaningful work of self-development

  • tools to go home with and apply in your life to begin your transformational journey

  • a soundboard for your thoughts, fears and dreams

  • an accountability partner until your last session


After booking your session, a confirmation email with banking details will be sent you. Once you secure your booking by making payment, you will receive an intake form, scheduling information and a coaching disclaimer to be signed prior to starting.

Have questions prior to purchasing? Send an email to